Friday, October 31, 2008

With All the Saints

It is All Hallow's eve in the western hemisphere when I write this, and I presume that the western neighborhoods is now at full throttle with all of the Halloween stuffs, like the trick-or-treating, halloween parties and the like. here in the Philippines, we got a share of the American halloween spirit by watching scary movies at home. But most of the time, Filipinos never see Halloween as something horrifying at all, but holy and a special day for praying for the dead.

November 1 is a special day for all the saints. In many parts of the country, Filipino catholics (and even a huge number of Protestants) would go to the cemetery to visit the gravesites of their deceased loved ones and offer candles and prayers for them. It is queer that many do this visitation on November 1, while it is more proper to do this on the day afterwards (November 2, All soul's day). But logic prevails: offering prayer on November 1 can be very advantageable for prayers are directed to the saints in order for them to help the souls in purgatory.
De fide, the saints do offer their prayers today to all mankind for today is their feast day. Special favors are granted from all of them. It is a holy obligation to ask their assistance in this day. For me, praying to them entails the benefit of praying for yourself and your loved ones, alive or late.

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